Since 1970 the Orange Coast College, School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism has been a central leader in the development of the hospitality industry, an industry that has experienced vast growth and ranks as the world's largest revenue industry and largest employer.

Today, the industry is more than hotel and restaurant enterprises. It includes an array of companies that specialize in airlines, cruise lines, sports arenas, entertainment, amusement centers, senior living communities, car rentals, casinos, club management, real estate development, consulting, corporate managed services, conference/convention planning, facility design, catering, bed-and-breakfast operations, large chain restaurants, general brand management and franchise management, accounting, law, human resources and management training, information technology, travel agencies, and many more.

The Orange Coast College School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism is delivering education and interacting with industry leaders to ensure that the fast-paced and ever-changing opportunities of the hospitality industry are led by first-rate experts who have a passion for the industry and a strategic understanding of how to manage their companies and provide service to the people.



The School of Hospitality, Travel, & Tourism is located at the heart of Orange Coast College’s campus in Costa Mesa, California. Four beautiful city and state beaches and countless parks can be found within a few miles of campus. The Center for the Performing Arts is less than ten minutes away, as are many Museums.

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Our Programs

An exciting travel career in the air or on ground is yours through the Orange Coast College Airline Travel Careers Program. This program offers eight and sixteen week classes providing  students the  opportunity to complete the program in one year. Certificate’s of Achievement in Airline Travel Careers ~ Ground and/or Flight, as well as, Corporate Contract Flight Attendant are available.

Our Flight Attendant Program is instructed by industry professionals with many years of Flight Attendant and airline training experience. Content of our program and training we provide does not merely meet the minimum standards set forth in Federal Aviation Regulations, it exceeds them.   Whether your interest is in acquiring a corporate or commercial Flight Attendant position, our training will provide you the knowledge necessary to perfect your skills and abilities with complete confidence to achieve the highest level of service and safety.

Corporate aviation is one of the largest growing entities within the aviation community. Since 2001, the corporate side of aviation has flourished, with an increased demand for larger aircraft and “Third Crew” member responsibilities and placements.

The Orange Coast College Airline Travel Program is recognized nationally and internationally. There are limitless employment opportunities with a positive and exciting future

The Hotel, Travel, Tourism, and Spa Management programs at Orange Coast College use materials from the Educational Institute of the American Hotel & Lodging Association, the world leader in hospitality education and training.  Students who successfully complete these courses earn globally recognized certificates from the American Hotel & Lodging Association in addition to college credits applicable toward a Certificate or Associate Degree at Orange Coast College.

The Hotel Management program combines hotel service courses with educational courses to prepare students for real-world situations.  The program focuses on practical application, which enables students to put management theory to the test through internships and hands-on experiences.

Upon approval from the Program Coordinator, curriculum may be adjusted to meet the needs of students with extensive industry related experience.

A student may opt to “dual major” by applying some of these courses to the Airline, Hotel, Spa, or Travel & Tourism Certificate or Degree programs.


Professional Certification
Students can earn professional certification, the lodging industry's ultimate distinction in excellence, while they are still in school.

Why certify? Professional certification, from line-level to general manager, establishes hospitality as a viable career option and provides a career path with milestones that mark every professional advancement.  When students pursue certification, they benefit from:

  • Acknowledgement that they possess the skills and competencies required for success in their position

  • Tangible recognition for their experience and knowledge in the area of certification

  • Valuable opportunities for professional development and growth

  • A strong edge in today's competitive marketplace

Many hotel companies and properties mandate certification because it encourages commitment to a career in hospitality.  Students who build on their work experience by earning professional certification from Orange Coast College and the Educational Institute before they graduate, send a message to potential employers that they are motivated to learn and driven to succeed.

Orange Coast College’s Meeting & Event Management Program offers four core courses for a solid foundation in Meeting & Event Management and elective courses allowing specialization in specific areas of interest.  The program is designed to meet student needs, whether enrolled for one course or earn a Professional Certificate in Meeting & Event Management. Core courses are completed via distance learning to accommodate busy schedules. 
Elective courses are provided in cooperation with industry partners ensuring our students are prepared for the changes occurring within this complex and competitive industry.
The Meeting & Event Management Program meets busy schedules by offering flexible delivery plans.

Distance learning lets students begin the certificate with the time schedule they select in the convenience of their home, office, or even while traveling.  In addition, participants can chat online with fellow students and professors provide feedback as students complete project based assignments.
Evening courses allow students to complete without impacting their current employment status.  These classes are taught by industry experts and open a world of opportunity in hearing first hand information as it relates to the specialization. 
Each course qualifies for college credit ranging from 1 to 3 credits.
Certificate students and alumni in the Orange Coast College Meeting & Event Management Program have access to the following valuable resources: career opportunities provided from our industry partners, comprehensive career counseling through our counseling center and career development programs.
  • Those whose professional responsibilities include coordinating meetings, conferences, expositions, social programs, reunions and sport, or other types of events. Whether they are administrative assistants or entrepreneurs, professionals who plan and coordinate events will find that this course of instruction will be useful today and will help expand career opportunities in the future.
  • Individuals who require Meeting and Event Management education to obtain an entry level position or to seek professional promotion opportunities.
  • Students considering a career change and desiring a comprehensive introduction to the field of Meeting and Event Management, as well as the credentials needed to assist with future employment opportunities.
  • Workers employed in related fields, such as lighting, sound, audio-visual, decor, catering and entertainment.
  • By obtaining knowledge and skill in Meeting & Event Management, these students gain greater experience to strengthen their professional portfolios.
What Our Students Are Saying …
“The class is invaluable to anyone wanting to enter the hospitality industry as a career… I would take it again to insure that I didn’t miss a word.”       Eren D.,  La Bella Weddings & Events
“The speakers and field trips added a great deal of reality into the class and helped me understand the whole process better.  Thanks for a great class, making it fun and entertaining throughout, and sharing so much with us.”       Alex G.
“Your class was outstanding. I really appreciate a fast-paced class that also comes with loads of information and lots of helpful hints.”      Debbie B.
“The workbook was very comprehensive. The class was great!”       Wendy D., Dahl Wedding Company
“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your class… I learned so much and have already began putting those lessons into use.  You are great!”        Dina P., Dina Prentiss Events
For the certificate in Meeting & Event Management from Orange Coast College, students must:
  1. Successfully complete four core courses, two skill development courses, a minimum of three electives, and a practicum with a “C” or better.
  2. Complete a minimum of 180 hours of practicum experience with a meeting or event management organization while enrolled in HTT 116AD.  Most practicums are completed on weekends or evenings while working at actual events. (Assistance in locating practicum sites is available; however, students are responsible for arranging their own practicum.)
  3. Submit a professional portfolio documenting the actual meeting or event you  managed or helped coordinate.  Guidance and materials are provided to assist   in portfolio development.  Examples of previous outstanding portfolios are available.
  4. All coursework, practicum, and professional portfolio must be completed within two years from beginning the program.
  5. Please follow this link to review the most current catalog requirements for this certificate.
Today’s meeting and event professionals spend thousands of hours planning events from simple training meetings to large conventions involving thousands of participants and hundreds of exhibitors.  It is an exciting and varied career and one, which is constantly evolving. 
So who is the “typical” meeting  and event planner of today?
According to a survey conducted by Meetings & Conventions magazine, today’s meeting professional fits the following profile:
  • Male (54 percent versus 46 percent female)
  • Works in a department with about 11 other people
  • Has been at the same job for 8 years
  • Earns $52,400 a year (salaries range from $20,000 to $90,000 or more; 50 percent of all meeting professionals make $30,000 to $59,999)
  • Duties typically include budgeting; site selection; negotiating with hotels, airlines, and vendors; program planning; trade show and exhibit planning; food and beverage selection; hotel and ground transportation arrangements; and post-meeting evaluations, including surveys of participants and an evaluation of the facility and service provided at each function.
The meeting and event professional is a communications expert who analyzes a situation and then selects, plans, and uses, in a cost-conscious manner, those communication skills and techniques needed to influence people who attend in order to accomplish a purpose. 
The role of the meeting professional will depend upon the orientation, knowledge and skill of the managers.  The role of the meeting professional will depend upon you, the future generation, and how well prepared you are to be a manager, not just a facilitator.
Many meeting and event planners are employed by corporations, event planning businesses and service industries, while others own and operate their own independent small businesses.

Public Service is a commitment we make to Orange Coast College, our local community, and industry.  The Public Service Program and Management Team would like to assist you by providing public contact volunteers for internships, corporate, community, and College events during the school year.  We have impressive students from many cultures with varied ages and experience.  The management training and team leader program is designed to provide assistance with event supervision.  With this being a volunteer program, we must ensure our students have a challenging and broad learning experience while increasing their skills and self confidence.

We understand it may be premature to provide us all the details of your event(s) for this year; however, please furnish us with enough information to place forthcoming events on our master calendar.  Complete the Client Service Request Form and return it to in order to process and schedule for the upcoming semester(s).

All new clients must be pre-approved prior to submitting a service request.  Please contact Brenda Shine for further details.

It is our pleasure to serve your meeting or special event needs.  Should you have any questions, feel free to call me at (714)432-5100.


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The popularity of spas in California and the U.S. has increased dramatically over the past few years and shows no signs of slowing. According to a recent International Spa Association study, spa's represent an $11 billion industry.  Each year, more spas are being opened across the country creating new jobs for spa professionals. Salaries for spa directors can exceed $75,000 per year, making spa management a highly-desirable career path.

Orange Coast College is one of the first Community College's to offer a Spa Management Certification program.  California is home to 33,859 spa related establishments including; day-spas, resorts/hotels, facial salons, fitness clubs, and beauty salons. This places our program in the unique position to provide students with access to numerous world-class resorts and spas – right in our own back yard.

Coursework in the program combines spa industry knowledge, work ready experience,  exposure to a variety of management skills, business training and industry input to create a well-rounded educational experience. Although the program is challenging, our graduates will have the knowledge and skills needed to become leaders in the spa industry.

Students may take as many individual courses as they wish without enrolling in the full certificate program.