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If you need help with understanding how your classes impact your financial aid, your Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) status, or assistance with an educational plan the Financial Aid Counselor is more than happy to assist you. 

Schedule your appointment with the Financial Aid Counselor here:

If you are unable to find an available time that fits your schedule, you are welcome to schedule an appointment with a General Counselor here:

How to access your appointment:

  1. Make sure your device has a webcam and microphone to communicate with the counselor. (This is ideal but not required).

  2. At the time of your appointment, go to the link that was provided in the Appointment Confirmation (please check your email).

  3. Click on OCC logo. (Shown Below) Accept the Informed Consent page. Cranium Log In Page

  4. Use your MyCoast Username and password to log in.

  5. If you have technical difficulty reaching your appointment, you may email the Financial Aid Counselor at


Tips for Maintaining Satisfactory Academic Progress and Financial Aid Eligibility

  • Check you financial aid status early and often on your MyCoast Homepage.
  • You must have an educational plan and educational goal in Degree Works to receive financial aid and Priority Registration.
  • Research and declare your major early.
  • Meet with an academic counselor at least once a year and follow your educational plan.
  • Pass and complete 2/3 of the classes you attempt each semester.
  • All of your ATTEMPTED classes affect your eligibility.
    • Withdrawals ("W"), Failing ("F"), and repeated courses are included in attempted units.
    • Withdrawals or "W's" are not factored into your GPA.
  • You will be offered a maximum financial aid award based on your eligibility that may include Federal Pell Grants and student loans. As a reminder Pell Grant has a lifetime eligibility of 600% or 6 years and loans. have similar limits so - KNOW your limits.
  • Use the following campus resources:
    • Student Success Center
    • Career Library
    • Student Health Center

If you have questions or need assistance, please contact the Financial Aid office at OCC at (714) 432-5508 or