The Academic Senate is composed of a Senator from each Division, the Library, and Student Services; nine Full-time Senators-at-Large; and up to three voting Senators-at-Large from the Part-time Faculty. One non-voting student member is appointed by the ASOCC each fall semester.

Academic Senate Membership 2023-2024

Academic Senate Members
Full Name Title Email Term
Jason Ball Part Time Senator ​2023-2024
Karen Baker Math and Sciences Senator  2023-2026
Carol Barnes Counseling Senator 2021-2024
Tyler Boogar ​Senator-at-Large 2023-2026
​Eric Budwig ​Technology Senator ​2023-2026
​Irving Chavez-Jimenez ​Senator-at-Large ​2021-2024
Eric Cohen Consumer Health Sciences Senator ​ ​​2023-2026
Sean Connor Senator-at-Large 2023-2024
Eric Cuellar Senator-at-Large 2021-2024
Jodi Della Marna Library and Learning Support Senator 2023-2026
Rendell Drew Vice President, Senator-at-Large 2023-2026
Cyndee Ely Parliamentarian, Part Time Senator 2023-2024
Lee Gordon President, Senator-at-Large 2022-2025
Kelly Holt Senator-at-Large  2023-2026
Marilyn Kennedy Secretary, Lit. and Lang. Senator 2022-2025
Jodie Legaspi Athletics and Kinesiology Senator 2023-2026
Naesse, Irene Senator-at-Large  2023-2026
Jeanne Neil Business and Computing Senator 2022-2025
Lori Pullman Curriculum Chair (Non-Voting) Open
Sara Qubbaj Part Time Senator 2023-2024
Loren Sachs Senator-at-Large 2022-2025
​Katherine Sheehan ​Visual and Performing Arts Senator ​2021-2024
Jordan Stanton Social and Beh. Sciences Senator 2022-2025