Every year the Student Equity Office hosts Safe Zone Ally Trainings where staff and faculty learn how to proactively support the LGBTQIA+ community on campus. Topics discussed in every training are: Gender Pronouns, Gender and Sexuality, Intervention Strategies, and Inclusive Practices. Staff and Faculty in this directory are committed to supporting safe and brave spaces for LGBTQIA+ students. Safe Zone Trainings will be available every academic year. If you have any questions please contact Student Equity at studentequity@cccd.edu.  


Name Pronouns Campus Role Email Department Year Trained
Alcala, Norma Staff nalcala@occ.cccd.edu Burser's Office 2023
Aparicio, Caleb They/He Staff caparicio4@cccd.edu Student Equity 2022
Angulo, Ana Staff aangulo17@cccd.edu Adult Education 2023
Arbor, Kayla Facutly kboogar@cccd.edu Literature & Languanges 2023
Baker, Cherryl she/her Faculty cbaker@occ.cccd.edu Math & Sciences 2022
Becker, Lauren she/her Faculty lbecker@occ.cccd.edu Consumer & Health Sciences 2022
Behr, Laura she/her Faculty lbehr@occ.cccd.edu Kinesiology & Athletics 2022
Bistline, Ellen she/her Facutly ebistline@cccd.edu Literature & Language 2023
Bravo, Jessica she/her/hers/ella Staff jbravo4@cccd.edu Future Pirate's Center 2023
Brown, Tia she/her Staff tbrown@theharbourocc.com The Harbour 2023
Bui, Ivane she/her Staff ibui@occ.cccd.edu Enrollment 2023
Campbell, Amanda she/ her Facutly acampbell@cccd.edu Counseling 2023
Carlson, Don he/him/his Dean dcarlson23@cccd.edu Technology 2023
Cassidy, Lori she/her Faculty lcassidy@occ.cccd.edu Library & Learning Support 2022
Christian, Jessica she/her/hers Faculty jchristian@occ.cccd.edu Gender Studies & History 2020
Choe, Tom he/him Staff tchoe@occ.cccd.edu Counseling 2021
Coerper, Carsyn she/they Staff ccoerper@cccd.edu Enrollment 2023
De la Torre, Maira she/her Staff mdelatorre17@cccd.edu Chancellor's Office 2023
Do, Maria she/her Faculty mdo89@occ.cccd.edu Social & Behavioral Sciences 2021
Gomez, Marci she/her Faculty mgomez163@occ.cccd.edu Literature & Languages 2021
Gonzalez, Carly she/her Faculty cgonzalez232@occ.cccd.edu Math & Sciences 2021
Grams, Lucy she/her Staff lgrams@cccd.edu Institutional Research 2023
Grimm, Jeanette she/her Staff jgrimm@occ.cccd.edu Student Success Center 2022
Guillen, Denia Faculty dguillen@occ.cccd.edu Counseling 2023
Hanlon, Anna she/they Faculty ahanlon@cccd.edu Kinesiology 2023
Huynh, Tiffany she/her Staff thuynh@occ.cccd.edu Counseling 2021
Kammerman, Jamie she/her Staff jkammerman@occ.cccd.edu Housing & Residential Education 2022
Kirch, Stacy she/her Staff skirch@occ.cccd.edu Counseling 2022
Lowrey, Shelley she/her Staff slowrey@occ.cccd.edu Library & Learning Support 2022
Marquez, Francisco he/him Staff fmarquez15@occ.cccd.edu Financial Aid 2022
Martin, Elisa she/her Staff  emartin61@cccd.edu Kinesiology 2023
Martin, Jessica she/her Staff jnelson105@occ.cccd.edu Counseling 2022
McGrath, Vivien she/her/hers Staff vmcgrathlee@occ.cccd.edu Pirate's Cove 2023
Munn, Mica she/her Staff mmunn@cccd.edu The Hub 2023
Newman, Maria Staff mfrausto@occ.cccd.edu Enrollment 2023
Nguyen, Cindy she/her Faculty cnguyen1086@occ.cccd.edu Literature & Language 2022
Nguyen, Thu Staff tnguyen53@occ.cccd.edu Global Engagement 2023
Nguyen, Yvette she/her Staff ynguyen101@occ.cccd.edu Counseling 2022
Olivier, Katie she/her Staff kolivier4@occ.cccd.edu Admissions & Records 2021
Ozuna, Michelle she/her Staff mozuna2@occ.cccd.edu Human Resources 2021
Paxton, Leland he/him Faculty lpaxton@occ.cccd.edu Visual & Performing Arts 2022
Perez, Jenna she/her/they/them Staff jperez277@cccd.edu Student Equity 2022
Quinonez, Veronica she/her Staff vquinonez1@occ.cccd.edu EOPS 2022
Reed, Charlene she/her Faculty creed@occ.cccd.edu Consumer Health Sciences 2023
Rodgers, Tina she/her/ella Staff mrodgers6@occ.cccd.edu The Hub 2023
Rodriguez, Karen she/her/hers Staff krodriguez42@cccd.edu Instruction 2023
Ruzi, Flavia she/her Faculty fruzi@occ.cccd.edu Literature & Languages 2021
Sabori, Sibley Faculty ssabori@occ.cccd.edu Technology 2023
Scaglione, David he/him Faculty dscaglione@occ.cccd.edu Visual & Performing Arts 2023
Sandoval, Maricela she/her Staff msandoval46@occ.cccd.edu Student Equity 2020
Sanchez, Veronica she/her Staff vsanchez73@occ.cccd.edu Counseling 2021
Segovia, Daisy she/her Staff dsegovialopez@occ.cccd.edu Institutional Effectiveness 2021
Stiles, Leo he/him Staff lrstiles@occ.cccd.edu Recycling Center 2021
Tatum, Jamaal he/him/his Manager jtatum1@occ.cccd.edu Human Resources 2023
Thai, Micheal he/him Staff mthai24@cccd.edu The Hub 2023
Thai-Arnold, Monique she/her/hers Facutly mthaiarnold@cccd.edu Counseling 2023
Tinoco Oliveros, Lupe she/her Staff gtinocooliveros@cccd.edu Student Equity 2023
Thompson, Aalayah she/her Staff athompson75@cccd.edu CTE Outreach Specialist  2022
Tran, Emylie she/her Staff R.I.P. 1988 – 2023 EOPS 2023
Vo, Tuan he/him/his Staff tvo@occ.cccd.edu Student Equity & Pirate's Cove 2023
Whitlow, Lane she/her Faculty lwhitlow@occ.cccd.edu Math & Sciences 2021
Winer, Tim he/him Staff twiner@occ.cccd.edu Campus Safety 2023