The Hub is a brand-new space on campus that only opened in Fall 2022! We're hard at work building toolkits and resources that will help you succeed!


Here are a few that we use in the Hub to get you started: 


  • Registration Worksheet - A helpful, printable, grid to organize those CRNs from the class schedule so you can easily paste them into MyCoast! 

  • Goal Setting Toolkit - Want to set goals that are actually achievable but still push you to be your best? Give our worksheet a try to ensure your goals are SMART - specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and timely!

  • Individualized Action Plan - This is used by our mentors and coaches in the Hub to help focus and prioritize your efforts. Feel free to print one to get started (or have us print one for you!) and then stop by and see us!


Last Updated: January 3, 2023