Let your high school career education credits work for you in college. You may be eligible to receive college credit for a career education (CE) course that you took in high school if Orange Coast College has an articulation agreement with your school district or regional occupational program (ROP) for the class(es) you completed. Articulation credit can save you time and money and get you into higher-level classes within your chosen career program more quickly.




Orange Coast College has articulation agreements with regional occupational programs (ROPs), school districts and nonprofit organizations for select courses. Below you can access the list of articulated courses by entity, college course number, number of units and the school terms for which the agreement is valid. The list was last updated on January 18, 2022.


How to Get Credit for an Articulated Course

To apply for articulated credit, you must go through what is known as the Technical Advanced Placement, or TAP, process at Orange Coast College. Outlined below is the step-by-step process. If you have questions about this process or need help, please contact the Office of Career Education at 714-432-5582.

Process for Requesting Articulated Credit

  1. Earn a grade of A or B in an articulated career education (CE) course at your high school/regional occupational program (ROP).
  2. Obtain your official high school transcript showing the title and course number of your articulated CE class(es).
  3. Apply to OCC using the online enrollment application as follows:
    • Go to the college website www.orangecoastcollege.edu
    • Click on "Apply" at the top right of the home page
    • Choose your starting point and click on it
    • Scroll down and click "Step 1: Apply online to OCC" and then click on "Apply Now"
    • Complete the application form and hit "Submit"
    • Allow three to five business days to receive your notice of admission via email
  4. Upon receipt of your notice of admission, please contact Counseling Services to schedule an appointment with a counselor by phone at 714-432-5078 or visit the Counseling website. NOTE: The counseling office is located on the 3rd floor of Watson Hall off Pirate Way and Fairview Road.
  5. Present your official high school transcript to the OCC counselor at your appointment and request that the counselor sign your TAP Petition.
  6. Present the signed TAP petition form and your official high school transcript to the Graduation Office, which is on the first floor of Watson Hall in the Enrollment Center.
  7. The Graduation Office will process your TAP petition and post credit(s) for your articulated courses on your OCC transcript when you are enrolled as an OCC student.