​​Career Opportunities in Horticulture and Landscape

The Horticulture Department prides itself on having a very fine program for students planning to enter the field of horticulture and for people already working in the Green Industry who wish to expand and update their horticultural knowledge. 

As residential and commercial development continues in southern California, the need for skilled landscape design, installation, maintenance, and plant production personnel increases. Large condominium, apartment, and commercial projects require sophisticated landscape management systems demanding skilled, knowledgeable personnel. As communities mature and landscapes become established, there is a need for persons skilled in areas such as arboriculture and residential landscape renovation. Some of the world's largest nurseries are located in southern California and require people skilled in plant production and sales. The increasing emphasis on the use of plants to enhance interior environments and shopping malls increases the need for personnel skilled in all aspects of interior landscaping.

The potential for employment in all areas of ornamental horticulture is excellent.

Rick Harlow speaking with students