"Informative and wonderful opportunity to share with my peers what I am passionate about.  I am happy OCC has created a platform for students to learn from each other and glimpse the expectation as we transfer to university level courses." -Presenter symposium


Who can participate?

  • Open to all OCC students 
  • All disciplines welcome!

How do you participate?

  • Join the 2023-2024 Symposium Canvas Shell

  • In-class or independent project with a faculty or staff mentor

  • Find a mentor from the Potential Mentors list or ask other faculty or staff

  • If you need funding for supplies for your resources currently we are accepting applications for funding.  Up to $100 with some possible exceptions of more is available.  Fill out this form with your mentor Funding Request Form.


What type of work can you produce? 

Oral Presentation

Student giving a presentation in a classroom

Poster (funding for posters provided)

Student giving a poster presentation

Exhibition of Work or Performance

2019 Student at a work exhibition


musical performance by a student band

Here is the Symposium Scoring Rubric (PDF).

Why Participate?

  • Learn more about a passion topic
  • Networking
  • Resume and college application builder
  • Prizes
  • Use this to springboard your work to other conferences

Prizes For Top Work

First Author Award

This is the winner of the entire event


Past Subcategory Awards (Varies based on submissions)

  • Oral Presentations (Original Research) 
  • Oral Presentations (Project/Literature Review)
  • Poster Presentations
  • Exhibition of Work

2020 Winner, First Author

In the news

Bodhi Edwards Computational Fluid Dynamic Comparative Analysis of Common Surfboard Tail Designs

Bodhi Edwards

Computational Fluid Dynamic Comparative Analysis of Common Surfboard Tail DesignsMentor: Angelo Esposito, Engineering & Steve Fuchs, Architectural Technology

Contact Information

Chair: Amy Hellman - ahellman@occ.cccd.edu

Co-Chair: Jerome Fang - jfang5@occ.cccd.edu

Canvas: Melissa Broox - marchibald@occ.cccd.edu

Website: Duy Pham - dpham@occ.cccd.edu