What is it?

Students showcasing and spectating works at the Symposium

The Giles T. Brown Student Project and Research Symposium provides a venue for all students from any field at OCC to showcase work they've done in class or independently with faculty or staff mentors There are several ways work can be shared, including poster, oral presentation, or exhibition of work virtually. 

All you need to do is find a faculty mentor to research with and follow the important dates for the event.

As an attendee shared the symposium  "Helps you gain knowledge in something you might not have looked into on your own."

Event Date: Friday, April 21, 2023

Oral Presentations: College Center, 3rd floor (schedule T.B.D.)

Poster Presentations: College Center, 3rd floor (schedule T.B.D.)

Awards Ceremony: College Center Ballroom (schedule T.B.D.)

Important Dates

Final Abstract Due: Friday, April 14, 2023 (on the Canvas Shell)

Workshops (Planned for Zoom & On campus for rehearsals):

Upcoming workshops:

Meet & Greet:

Thursday, September 22, 2022 from 4pm-6pm

Location: College Center Ballroom 314A

Poster and PowerPoint Presentation Workshop


Oral and Poster Practice Presentation Workshops in one of the rooms scheduled for the Symposium:


Intent to Submit Due: Friday, October 28, 2023 (on the Canvas Shell)

Draft of Abstract Due: T.B.D.


Librarian One-on-One Library Sessions

Get one-on-one help for your Symposium project by meeting with a librarian. Meetings are by appointment. To request your consultation, please fill out this request. will respond with 1-2 days.Other resources include:

  1. Library Workshops: The library offers one hour workshops on how to do library research throughout the semester. You do not need to register - just come to the Zoom session at the scheduled time! You can view scheduled times here.

  2. Get help during Library open hours: Please see the library website for information on how you can get help from the librarians during open hours. We offer services through online chat, phone, email, and in-person (possibly).  

  3. And more sign up for our Symposium Canvas page and click on Library Research, Help & Resource

Contact Information

Amy Hellman - ahellman@occ.cccd.edu

Jerome Fang - jfang5@occ.cccd.edu


Organizing Team

Melissa Archibald, Rachel Berman, Erik Bender, Diane Brown, Katherine Donahoe, Kelli Elliott, Robert Ellis, Jerome Fang, Melissa Ferguson, Neil Godfrey, Erin Gratz, Ulrike Green, Amy Hellman, Sharyn Konick, Jon Mochizuki, Duy Pham, Brent Rudmann, Teresa Scarbrough, Michael Sutliff, Marie Tsaasan, Laura Wagner, and Lane Whitlow