Re-taking a course in which the student received an UNSATISFACTORY grade:

Students are allowed to repeat a course in which they had an unsuccessful attempt up to a maximum of two times (three attempts in total) within the CCCD District (OCC, CCC, GWC). An unsuccessful attempt is defined as having completed a course with "F," "D," "NP," or withdrawing a course and receiving a “W.” 

Consistent with Title 5, section 55042 (b), students are blocked from enrolling in a class in which they have previously enrolled three times and have received substandard grades. Any additional repetition after the third attempt requires special permission. Please contact the Counseling Office for additional information and to obtain the Petition for Course Repetition.

Re-taking a course in which the student received a SATISFACTORY grade:

Students who wish to repeat a non-repeatable course in which they received a satisfactory grade must file a petition in the Graduation Office located on the first floor of Watson Hall.  In order to be eligible, one of these criteria must be met:

  • There has been a significant lapse of time and has a recency requirement
  • There has been a significant change in industry or licensure standards
  • The course is required to maintain a professional license or it is legally mandated
  • Student with disabilities repeating a special course

Please view the Academic Petition Council Procedures and Guidelines (PDF) for more information.  

Re-taking a course originally taken during the SPRING 2020 term:

Executive Order 2020-02 establishes COVID-19 as a recognized extenuating circumstance and suspends the requirements in Title 5, section 55045, for students to prove an extenuating circumstance when petitioning to retake a course attempted during the recognized pandemic. 

Students who would like to repeat a course that they took during the Spring 2020 term in the Coast Community College District (CCC, GWC, OCC), regardless of the grade received, will need to submit the Course Repeat Form Due to COVID19 (PDF) to Enrollment Services. Please note that if you are eligible for a repeat due to an unsatisfactory grade (as listed at the top of this page) and it is only your second or third time taking the course, you do NOT need to submit this form. You will automatically be able to register for it again on your student portal. For more details and submission instructions, please see form. 

IMPORTANT: VA students will not be permitted to be certified for a course they successfully passed in Spring 2020 and are repeating due to COVID.