OCC uses a priority registration system based on state requirements in assigning a priority registration window to

  • Help new students get started by following important steps for success

  • Reward continuing students who are making steady progress toward their goals.

To find your registration date for the current semester, visit your MyCoast portal. Locate the "Registration Tools" card and click on "When Can I Register?". (Note: If it is your first time logging on to this screen, you may be asked to complete some action items before proceeding.)



You must complete the following steps if you want to receive priority registration.

  1. Apply
  2. Complete orientation
  3. Create an educational plan


Priority Registration Order

Level 1 - Students (excluding concurrently enrolled high school students) who completed the required steps and

  • Are in good academic and/or progress standing

  • Have not earned more than 100 degree-applicable units within the Coast Community College District (Coastline Community College, Golden West College, and Orange Coast College)

Level 2 - Students (excluding concurrently enrolled high school students) who completed steps for level 1 with the exception:

  • A counselor-approved Student Education Plan (SEP) on file does NOT have a specified Course of Study that leads to an Associate Degree (AA, AS, or ADT), transfer, State-approved Certificate of Achievement, or career advancement

Level 3 - All other students who do not meet the requirements for Level 1 & 2 (excluding concurrently enrolled high school students).

Level 4 - Concurrently enrolled high school students

For each level, students will register in the following order:

  1. Veterans, Foster Youth, DSPS, EOPS, CalWorks, and student-parents with minor children
  2. International Students
  3. Students in specific college designated athletics programs
  4. Continuing Students with 99.9 or fewer units within the Coast District and enrolled during the previous fall or spring semester
  5. New (has never enrolled in classes within the Coast District)
  6. Returning Students (students previously enrolled in classes that have missed two consecutive primary semesters Fall & Spring)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)