Interior view of the dome theater in the Planetarium

Events and Activities

Experience the wonder of science and space through a variety of events that offer hands-on activities, cater to a wide range of ages, and bring our community together.

Planetarium on Orange Coast College campus

Field Trips

Students from school districts throughout Southern California who visit the planetarium will be given the chance to experience core STEM concepts through programs that are engaging and fun.

Planetarium Theater

Calendar & Tickets

Regular showings are offered on weekends so everyone can come enjoy a rotating schedule of breathtaking full-dome experiences that transport you to faraway worlds.

Foucault Pendulum

Giving Opportunities

Contributions from our community help achieve the Planetarium's mission. Your donations go directly to supporting activities that encourage STEM education for all ages. 


Public Hours

The best time to visit the Planetarium is during our public shows. Public shows are offered every Saturday and most Tuesday nights. Check the Calendar & Tickets page for details.

During the week open hours are dependent on staff availability, but are usually 10-4 Tuesday-Friday, with additional hours for special evening events.

The Planetarium is closed Sunday and Monday.

Parking Fee

Parking on-campus is $5 and is run by Passport Parking. The fee can be paid for via the parking kiosk on campus (the P on the map near the library), through their phone app or website. The parking permit is linked to your car's license plate number. Be aware that this is a digital parking pass. Even though the kiosk will say it will print a ticket, no ticket will be printed. 

**Note: Parking was free prior to fall 2023 due to COVID, this new policy will be strictly enforced. 

Support our planetarium to help us upgrade our technology and programming to deliver even more captivating experiences! With your generous donations, we can host exciting STEM events for kids, nurturing their curiosity and fostering a passion for science.