Guided Self-Placement

You can enroll in any ESL course in the sequence. It might be difficult to know where to start. The guided self-placement form is available to help you choose the right course. After you complete the form, and receive your recommendation, you can enroll in the course when your registration window opens.

ESL Guided Self-Placement

Overview of Credit ESL and Non-Credit ESL

Credit ESL is recommended for students interested in:

  • Transferring from OCC to a 4-year university
  • Completing a degree or certificate at OCC
  • Meeting the requirement of full-time enrollment
  • Improving English communication in business and professional life
Noncredit ELL is recommended for students interested in:
  • Improving English for workplace communication
  • Better communication with the English-speaking community
  • Improving English for US Citizenship
  • Helping their children improve in the American school system
  • Preparing for career certificates/college degrees

Please visit Adult Education to learn more about free Noncredit ELL courses.

Credit ESL 

All students, including those who were enrolled or placed into ESL courses are allowed to register in English A100 or ESL A100. However, if English is not your first language, you may need additional training in credit ESL before you can succeed in English 100. 

Orange Coast College offers credit ESL courses that are very helpful for students who speak and read another language at home or work. These courses are taught by language learning experts who can help you understand and correct your mistakes in English. By taking these courses, you will read better, write more clearly, and develop your vocabulary.

New Students

You can enroll in any ESL course in the sequence. We recommend that you complete the guided self-placement form to help you choose the right course.

ESL Guided Self-Placement

Continuing Students

You may register for the next level after you pass your current level. If you wish to challenge your current level and move to a higher level, you may see the Dean of Literature and Languages for more information on how to meet with an ESL Adviser.