Study Abroad does require some planning. If you will be doing an OCC faculty led program, download the OCC faculty led SA Planning List (PDF) to make sure you don't miss anything from the Global Engagement Center (GEC). 

If you are doing a provider company led study abroad program, be sure to inquire about deadlines and requirements. It may be helpful to review the OCC SA planning list for general planning ideas and questions to ask but not everything will apply to your situation.


If you are an U.S. Citizen who wants to study abroad, you'll need to apply for a US passport if you do not already have one. Keep an eye on the Passport processing times. Make sure your passport will be valid for the length of your program and 6 months beyond that for a problem free re-entry to the USA.

If you are an F-1 student, or have a different sort of status like L2, H4, O etc or are DACA student you should email the study abroad advisor copies of your most recent visa and I-94 or other document so we can advise you properly about your specific situation. 


The OCC faculty led study abroad programs generally do not require a visa if you are a US citizen.  If you are not a U.S. citizen, or have a different immigration status, please email the study abroad advisor copies of your most recent visa, & I-94, I-20 and the program country & length of your program so we can advise you properly about your specific situation. 

Provider led study abroad companies should be able to advise you about any needed visas for their programs.

Not yet an OCC student?:

If you want to join an OCC faculty led study abroad program and you are not an OCC student yet, please complete the OCC application for the summer semester. If you are here on an F1 visa or other immigration status, let the study abroad advisor know.


The Study Abroad Advisor will enroll you in the classes for your study abroad program after the list is submitted from your instructor.  You will receive an email confirmation and request to pay your fees. Please pay promptly so that you are not dropped for non-payment by the system. If you have questions about which level language class or any optional classes, please ask your instructor.

Program Agreement:

Every student who is participating in OCC Faculty led study abroad must sign the OCC program agreement and return it to their professor before the deadline.

Medical Insurance:

Each student who is participating in OCC faculty led study abroad must purchase the faculty led study abroad insurance policy made available by the Coast Community College District. If you are doing a provider led study abroad program, be sure to inquire about how medical emergencies are handled, and your medical insurance options. 

COVID-19 Policy:

Please take all precautions to avoid COVID-19. Any/all additional costs, for alternative housing, quarantine/isolation/meal delivery will be the sole responsibility of the student.  Review the ACCENT Study Abroad COVID Protocol.

COVID vaccines/boosters are required to enter Europe and by ACCENT Study Abroad.

Transfer Credits:

For OCC faculty led programs you will receive an OCC transcript with your classes on it. All OCC faculty led study abroad classes are designed around general education classes. The classes will transfer to UC/CSU's the same as if you took them at OCC on campus in Costa Mesa, CA.   

If you are taking a provider led study abroad program it is important to know which institution will be issuing the transcript for your study abroad coursework.  This is critical to know so you can investigate if your college or transfer University will accept your credits. You can investigate this with the graduation office at OCC and also at the University you plan to transfer to.  The UC/CSU's commonly do in house evaluation of foreign/out of state transcripts and they may be able to accept more transfer credits than the California Community Colleges.

Make a Budget:

You will be much less stressed and save a lot of hassles if you plan ahead and make a savings plan, and a budget to follow while you are abroad.