A chart showing the process to obtain Private Pilot Certificate. See steps below.

Private Pilot Training Process

Step 1:

  • Apply to OCC at www.orangecoastcollege.edu
  • Review flight training costs located on the page "Flight Training Labs"
  • Read and understand expectations for being a Flight Lab student in the Aviation Science program

Step 2:

  • Register for APT A130 Private Pilot Ground School
  • If you would like to proceed with flight training, email Dr. Stanley Harriman for permission to register for APT A120 Private Pilot Flight Lab
    • You must include the following information in your initial email: 
      • Acknowledgement that you have reviewed flight lab costs
      • Acknowledgement that you agree to the expectations outlined under "Flight Training Labs" at OCC
      • Your OCC Student ID number
      • When you are planning (or have taken) APT A130 Private Pilot Ground School (co-requisite)
      • Which semester you would like to join Private Pilot Flight Lab (APT A120)

Step 3:

  • Complete APT A130 Private Pilot Ground School
  • Complete flight training requirements for Private Pilot Flight Lab (APT A120/APT A123)

Step 4:

  • Pass FAA Written Exam for Private Pilot (receive completion endorsement from APT A130)

Step 5:

  • Pass flight examination (checkride) with FAA examiner