How is this college program different from just going to a flight school?

Although you could earn all the same FAA certificates by going to a reputable flight school. There are big advantages to making OCC a part of your aviation training:

  • You are able to count the flight training towards the college degree which saves you time over having to earn a degree separately from your flight training.

  • The Aviation Science A.S. college degree will allow you to move forward within your career. Even if you decide that you want to eventually earn a bachelor’s degree, the A.S. degree may allow you to begin your career sooner.

  • You will be a safer, more effective pilot and flight instructor with the knowledge you obtain in the aviation academic courses that go above and beyond what the FAA requires for certificates.

  • You will be surrounded by students who are on the same path as you, who help one another succeed, and will be the beginning of a critical network of contacts that will enhance your career.

Ready to apply? We can help you get the info you need:

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2 flight simulators in the dark
Two Advanced Aviation Training Devices used for Instrument and Commercial pilot training.
Aviation Science lounge area
View of Aviation Student Lounge used for advising, tutoring, and club events.
Alternate view of aviation student lounge
Alternate view of Aviation student lounge used for advising, tutoring, and club events.
Basic aviation training device
Basic Aviation Training Device for Multi-engine and Instrument training.
FAA tests area
FAA Computing Center for written tests.
Aviation Science dispatch area
Pilot dispatch area used for student pilots to check in for their flights.
Piper Fleet
Piper Fleet used for flight training.
Side outside view while flying at sunset
Flight training during evening hours