American Opportunity Tax Credit (Formerly Hope Tax Credit) Form (1098T)
Students, who registered during a calendar year, will receive a 1098T American Opportunity  Tax Credit Form for that year.  These forms are available via MyOCC (for tax years 2009 and  later). The forms will be posted no later than January 31st for the preceding year. Previous years forms are available throughout the year.  The form indicates the amount of payments received during the calendar year (regardless of which term the charges were for).  Forms will be mailed unless you Opt-In to receive the form electronically online. Once you Opt-In you can only receive the form online. You will not receive a American Opportunity  Tax Credit Form (1098T) if you did not supply the college with your social security number at the time you applied to OCC.

Education Tax Benefits and Credits:

The information listed below is offered as a guide for students and not intended to provide professional tax advice. If you have questions or need further assistance you might wish to contact your tax advisor or the Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

Education Tax Benefits and Credits Video (American Opportunity  Tax Credit)


What is a 1098T?

The 1098T form is for your use when preparing your taxes.

The 1098T form will be provided by January 31st of each year for the previous calendar year.

Frequently Asked Questions by Orange Coast College Students: