The information below is for students requesting verification of enrollment. Third-parties wishing to verify attendance and degrees must contact the National Student Clearinghouse directly. 


If you are a current or former student, there are three ways to request a verification of your enrollment, attendance, and/or GPA at Orange Coast College:


Option 1: Online via the National Student Clearinghouse

The quickest way to obtain a verification is by using Enrollment Verify through the National Student Clearinghouse

Current students (Students with MyCoast Portal Access)

Enrollment Verifications can be requested beginning the 4th week of each term.

Log into MyCoast portal. Click on the “Registration” tab. Under the "Important Resources" table, click on the "Verify Enrollment" link. You will be redirected to the National Student Clearinghouse website. There is no charge for use of this service!

You will be able to select the following:

  • Obtain an Enrollment Certificate (Choose “Current Enrollment” or “All Enrollment” before clicking on link.
  • Print Enrollment Verification Certificate.
  • View Enrollment Information on File
  • View Student Loan Deferment Notifications
  • View Proofs of Enrollment

Former Students (Students without MyCoast Portal Access)

Former students who would like to request verifications online can request it via the National Student Clearinghouse. Please note that they will be charging for the request based on the information being requested and amount may vary. 

Request an Enrollment Verification Online 


Option 2: Via E-mail

You can request your verification by e-mailing the Student Verification Request Form (PDF) to In order to validate that the request is coming from you, the student, the email must be sent from your Coast (CCCD) student email address. If you are unable to send the request from your student email address, please attach a picture of your photo ID (student ID preferred) to your email. Please note that you may be contacted after your request is received for payment of appropriate fees (see fee table below). You must request a new verification for each new semester thereafter.


Option 3: Via Mail

You can request your verification by completing the Student Verification Request Form (PDF) and mailing it with the appropriate fees (see fee table below) to:

Orange Coast College
P.O. Box 5005
Costa Mesa, CA 92628-5005

You must request a new verification for each new semester thereafter.

Verification Fees



No Charge

The first two requests for transcripts and/or verifications of enrollment are free of charge. If you're not sure how many transcripts/verifications you've requested in the past, you can call the Answer Center to confirm.

$5.00 each

A $5.00 processing fee is charged for regular processing of each additional verification. For verification requests submitted by mail or in-person, Please allow 5-10 business days for processing your request plus mailing time.

An additional $5.00

We provide a special handling service for in-person and mail requests, which guarantees processing of your request within two business days of receipt for an additional $5.00 per copy ($10.00 total per copy). If you are mailing your request and chose to pay the special handling charge, please write "RUSH" on the outside of the envelope and allow additional time for mailing.

NOTE: Third-parties wishing to verify attendance and degrees must contact the National Student Clearinghouse directly.