Veteran/Dependent Counseling

OCC has a designated counselor for our veteran & dependent students who has a thorough understanding of the academic progress needed to fulfill your certificate or degree requirements, in addition to the impact that your course selection will have on your benefits. All military connected students are welcome to take advantage of this service. If you are utilizing VA Education benefits, you will be required to meet with the veteran counselor for most items.

Appointments are Required:

Request an Appointment

Students are encouraged to be proactive in preparing for their counseling needs and to request appointments as soon as they identify a need to meet with the counselor. Appointment wait times vary based on availability and tend to be longer during peak periods such as during registration and the first two weeks of class, and prior to/returning from winter/summer breaks.

If your question is primarily related to certification questions, payments/BAH rates, or otherwise largely benefits-focused, please reach out the Certifying Officials first, as these questions typically need to be addressed by their team, rather than counseling.


Drop-in Counseling:

Drop-In Counseling Hours
(Requests will only be open on the day/time as posted above - i.e. 15 minutes prior to the start and end of drop-in hours for that day)
drop-in DATE
drop-in TIMES
No drop-in hours are currently available. Please check back later or schedule an appointment via the link above.

Drop-in counseling limited and is available on a first come, first served, basis. It is reserved for questions that can be addressed in a short period of time. Drop-in hours are updated on a daily basis, when available.


Veterans Resource Center

Student Union (2nd Floor)



8am-2:30pm, Mon.-Fri.
By appointment only
Hours may vary.


Alex Rojas

Veteran Counselor

(714) 432-6883


  • Phone calls are reserved for students who have scheduled appointments. If you need to speak with the counselor, you must schedule an appointment via the link on this page.
  • For scheduling questions (cancellations, rescheduling, change of appointment type, etc.), please contact Veterans Services

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