Veteran Priority Registration Dates**

Summer 2024

April 8, 2024

Fall 2024

May 6, 2024


Eligible Veterans receive top-tier Priority Registration – you get to register in the first registration group!

Check your “Priority Registration Eligibility” via your MyCoast Registration tab. Your eligibility checklist is at the top and your assigned registration date is at the bottom.

Veterans may be eligible for Veteran Priority Registration if they meet general Priority Registration requirements and have submitted the required veteran documentation, as listed below:

  1. Completed the Online Orientation
  2. Met with an Academic Counselor and have created a Student Education Plan (SEP)
    • Students using benefits: Students who are using education benefits are generally required to meet with our Veteran Counselor; however, students may meet with general counseling for purposes of obtaining a SEP for priority registration, if necessary. A follow up appointment will be needed with the Veteran Counselor to establish your plan under the VA.
    • Students not using benefits: Students who are not using benefits are not required to meet with a Veteran Counselor, but are welcome to utilize this resource if interested. General counseling is also available to satisfy this requirement
  3. Good academic and/or progress standing
  4. Not earned for that 100 degree-applicable units within the district (OCC, GWC, CCC)
    • If you meet qualifications for priority registration reinstatement, you may petition by completing and submitting the CCCD Petition to Reinstate Priority Registration and BOGFW Eligibility (form located here)
  5. Submit DD214 (member-4) or other verifiable documentation to Veterans Services to confirm military affiliation.**


If you do not have Veteran Priority Registration and believe you have met all the requirements, please contact Veterans Services.*


*Students who are not using VA Education Benefits may be required to contact our office each term to request priority if their accounts are not automatically updated.

**Veteran Priority Registration does not apply to military dependents. Dependent students may still qualify for general priority registration by meeting those requirements.,2,3,25,4,5,16,6,7,17,8,9,10,21,11,18,75,74,12,76,13,19,14,26,15,20,27
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