In order to utilize VA Benefits at OCC, courses must be required for an approved program. Please refer to the list below to identify which programs are currently approved. If the program you are interested in is not listed, please contact Veterans Services if you have questions.


Important Notes:

  • AS Aviation Science is not approved for benefits; if you are interested in pursuing Aviation Science, please schedule an appointment with the veteran counselor to review options for pursuing related coursework under a different, approved, program.
  • Degree programs are deemed approved; however, programs that have been recently added to our catalog may not show as approved until we receive official confirmation of the approval
  • Certificates of Acheivement must be approved annually. In the event a COA has a lapse in approval, students who were certified at the time it was approved will be able to continue receiving benefits in that program so long as they do not have a break in enrollment or a change of program 
  • Certificates of Specialization are not approved for benefits
  • Dual Objectives must be approved by the Veteran Counselor and will only be approved if both programs lead to one professional/educational goal

Approved Programs