All students using VA Education Benefits (CH 30, 33, 1606, 31, and 35) are required to complete an initial Benefits Briefing to start using benefits at OCC and must submit an Online Certification Request each term to be certified for their classes.

Orange Coast College does not determine benefit eligibility. Students must apply for their benefits through the VA. For eligibility questions, please contact the VA Education line (888-442-4551).

Orange Coast College is approved by the Bureau of School Approvals, the California State Department of Education, the Veterans Administration, and the California Department of Veterans Affairs to offer programs and services to veterans and eligible persons seeking benefits under all Federal and State laws. Orange Coast College follows the guidelines issued by the Council for Private and Post Secondary and the Vocational Education which apply to all institutions enrolling veterans and other eligible persons for veteran benefits. ​,2,3,25,4,5,16,6,7,17,8,9,10,21,11,18,75,74,12,76,13,19,14,26,15,20,27
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