Marine Science Study Abroad

Orkney Island, Scotland

Study Abroad with the Marine Science Department

There is no better way to learn about the complexity and diversity of the world ocean than through exploration. While Southern California is an ideal site to base many of our program studies, there are many unique global locations that allow for formative experiences that brings material to life in a way that traditional classes and local field trips cannot. The OCC Marine Science Department offers various Study Abroad options where students can see large marine mammals or unique coastal features that played major roles in historical oceanographic and ecological research up close.  

Enrollment for both of our current Study Abroad opportunities occur in the fall semesters. The Gray Whale Ecology course in Baja Mexico generally runs every year with one trip over the President's Day weekend, and a possible second one over spring break depending on enrollment and provider availability. The Survey of Coastal Scotland course is meant to run every second year. For additional information on both opportunities, please see the links below.

Expand your horizons
If you are interested in learning more about Studying Abroad with OCC or starting an application, visit the Study Abroad page of the Global Engagement Center.