**If you have recently received a COVID vaccine, you must allow 4 weeks from the last dose of the series to get TB testing.**

The Student Health Center provides TB skin testing ($15), TB Quantiferon Gold blood tests ($93), and chest x-ray referrals (cost varies) for currently enrolled students.  TB skin testing and TB risk assessments are also available for new and continuing employees (Continuing Employees see below).  Appointments are required. TB skin tests are placed on Monday or Tuesday. You must return for the reading between 48-72 hours at your scheduled appointment time.  Please call 714-714-7705 for a TB appointment.

Alternative Tuberculosis Skin Testing Locations:

Please call for current hours and pricing. 

Vital Urgent Care

2507 Eastbluff Dr, Newport Beach, 949-200-1655, $5 for a limited time!


CVS Minute Clinic

1150 Baker St, Costa Mesa, 714-662-751, $35 placement, $39 read

Continuing Employee TB Certification

Note: Food Service, Children's Center and Health Center employees are required to get annual skin tests. 

Please call 714-714-7705 to schedule a TB assessment. If you previously had your TB done at GWC, please contact GWC Student Health Center at 714-895-8379 to obtain a copy of your test.


  1. Call the Health Center at 714-714-7705 to book a TB assessment appointment.

  2. Complete the TB Risk Assessment form in-person during your visit or online here: Health Portal 

    • Log in using your Single Sign On login credentials 

    • Click on the "My Forms" tab 

    • Click and fill out the Employee Tuberculosis (TB) Risk Assessment Form

    • Submit, Sign and Confirm (The form should disappear from your My Forms list if it was submitted correctly)

  3. The nurse will complete your TB assessment in the Health Center.

    • A TB test will be placed if required. If a TB test is not required, a certificate will be completed, sent to CCCD Human Resources and uploaded to the Health Portal under My Profile, subheading Images for your records.

  4. For questions or technical difficulties, please call 714-714-7705.