OCC’s Dance Department provides a solid technical foundation for students. The body is trained to become an expressive instrument, while technique courses emphasize proper movement styles. Dancers of all ages and abilities are given a firm base upon which to grow.

Courses are available in Modern Dance, Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Conditioning, World Dance (African, Flamenco, Spanish, East Indian, Middle Eastern and Polynesian) and Performing Dance Ensemble. Specialized courses explore a variety of creative avenues; create choreography for the classroom and stage; and introduce students to music and the historical perspective of dance.

Live musical accompaniment is included in many studio settings. Our professional musicians regularly compose original scores for student and faculty choreographers.

OCC’s dance courses are accepted by top four-year colleges and universities. We transfer many students annually to those institutions. Transfer arrangements have been articulated with CSULB, UCI, UCLA, CSUF, Cornish School of the Arts. A number of OCC dancers have gone on to professional dance careers.

Three certificates are available, Dance Instructor, Pilates Instructor and World Dance Instructor. These unique vocational education programs prepare students for a variety of job opportunities.  Please visit our course catalog to see the requirements for these certificates.

Please visit our course catalog to see class descriptions for all of our dance classes.

For information on registration and fee information call (714) 432-5072 or (714) 432-5722.