Orange Coast College is proud to offer an Associate in Arts Degree in Dance.  This degree provides students with a foundation in the theory, technique, and the aesthetics of the art of dance. This is fulfilled through a comprehensive program of dance study in areas of core techniques, contemporary and commercial styles, choreography, performance, and world dance forms. Students will demonstrate proficiency through accurate technical execution, performance skills, research papers, essays, and choreographic works. Program assessment is measured by public performances, program completion, transferability, and periodic program review. Students qualify to pursue a variety of dance-related careers and advanced degree options.

Program Outcomes

Students will be able to:

  1. Develop an understanding and appreciation of the art of dance and its relevance to the multicultural world we live in.
  2. Acquire the dance technical skills necessary to transfer to a university program or similar advanced dance study program.
  3. Implement critical thinking skills and kinesthetic awareness in their observation, analysis and interpretation of dance performances on stage or in media.
  4. Develop dance composition and performance skills to successfully transfer to a university program or similar advanced dance study program.

Checklist of Required Courses (2023-24)

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Associate in Arts Degree in Dance Core Courses (required)
  • Dance Improvisation I (Spring only)
  • Dance Improvisation II (Spring only)
  • Music for Dancers
Select one of the following
  • Jazz Dance III
  • Jazz Dance IV
  • Preparation for Audition - Jazz
Select one of the following:
  • Ballet III
  • Ballet IV
  • Preparation for Audition - Ballet
Select one of the following
  • Modern Dance III
  • Modern Dance IV
  • Preparation for Audition - Modern
Select one of the following
  • Dance Composition/Choreography I (Fall only)
  • Dance Composition/Choreography II (Fall only)
  • Dance Composition/Choreography III (Fall only)
Select one of the following
  • Rehearsal and Performance I
  • Rehearsal and Performance II
  • Rehearsal and Performance III
  • Rehearsal and Performance IV
Select one of the following
  • Repertoire I
  • Repertoire II
  • Repertoire III
  • Repertoire IV
Select four units of the following
  • African Dance and Drumming I
  • African Dance and Drumming II
  • African Dance and Drumming III
  • Appreciation Of Dance
  • Ballet Basics
  • Ballet I
  • Ballet 2
  • Ballet – Floor Barre and Correctives
  • Classical Technique and Variation Workshop
  • Movement, the Camera and the Creative Process
  • Contemporary Commercial Dance
  • Contemporary Commercial Dance 2
  • Dance as a Profession Seminar
  • Dance Methodology
  • Dance Wellness and Injury Prevention
  • Flamenco Dance I
  • Flamenco Dance 2
  • Flamenco Dance 3
  • Flamenco Dance 4
  • Hip-Hop I
  • Hip-Hop II
  • Hip-Hop III
  • Hip Hop 4
  • Jazz Dance Basics
  • Jazz Dance 1
  • Jazz Dance 2
  • Kinesiology For Dance (Fall Only)
  • Latin Dance Styles I
  • Latin Dance Styles II
  • Latin Dance Styles III
  • Mid-Eastern Dance I
  • Mid-Eastern Dance 2
  • Mid-Eastern Dance 3
  • Mid-Eastern Dance 4
  • Modern Dance Basics
  • Modern Dance I
  • Modern Dance 2
  • Performing Dance Ensemble I
  • Performing Dance Ensemble II
  • Performing Dance Ensemble III
  • Pilates Apparatus 1
  • Pilates Apparatus 2
  • Polynesian Dance
  • Polynesian Dance 2
  • Tap I
  • Tap 2
  • Tap III
  • Tap IV
  • Preparation for Audition - Tap
  • World Dance and Culture
  • Yoga For Dancers

View the Dance Course Catalog