October 26 & 27, 7:30pm, 2023

~ program ~

Unveiled Journey

Choreographer: Noelle Snavely
Music: Dreams of a Journey, The Sacrifice, The Promise
Composer: Michael Nyman 
Dancers: Danielle Marie Adams, Taline Anahid Hagopian,
Alexia Marie Hernandez, Antoinette Nguyen, Nathania Schwab,
Andrea Elmore Villalba Solano

The Chair

Choreographers: José Costas, Ella Tracy
Music: Cavendish Music
Dancer: Ella Tracy

Three Carded Man

Choreographer: David McMahan
Music: Gavin Bryars & Juan Munoz
Dancers: Isabella Hernandez, Lizzie Rhineer, Nathania Schwob

Tangos and Sevillanas

Choreographer: Rosa Garcia
Music: Tangos en Tono Tarantos by El Trini
Traditional music for Sevillanas 

Dancers: Mary Acuna, Svitlana Selska. Danielle Marie Adams,
Briana Bui, Aryana Daha, Taline Anahid Hagopian, Violette Negrete,
Billy Nguyen, Trisha Nguyen, and Ashley Oei

Comes the Dawn (again)

(Premiere: Hawaii Theatre 1998)
Choreographer: Rachel Berman
Music: Astor Piazzolla
Dancer: Darby Bauer

  for my father
  And you learn that you can really endure,
  That you really are strong…
  And you really do have worth
  And you learn and learn ... and you learn
  With every goodbye you learn.


The Yard

Choreographer: José Costas
Composer: Cavendish Music
Dancers: Arctic Noel, Amelia Gonzalez, Sarah Gonzalez,
Aaliyah Magcasi, Miyabi Matsushita, Antionette Nguyen, Ella Tracy
Understudy: Brianna Bui

* Intermission *

(There will be a 15 minute intermission)

The Birds are the Bourgeoisie

Choreographer: Dolly Sfeir
Music: Perfidia by Jackie Davis,
Dramma Della Gelosia pt. 2 by Armando Trovajoli
Exotica by Martin Denny
Music Consultant: Jesse Scheinin
Dancers: Niko Black, Emma Manzanares, Ageha Nagatomo,
Svitlana Selska, Sydney Tanji, Ella Tracy, Ash Williams


Thursday Evening Only:

Black Woman, Black Girl
(excerpt from Trick Bags, Trap Doors, Painted Corners)

Choreographer: Robert Moses
Audio: Interview from "A Conversation with Black Women on Race"
compiled by Michele Stephenson and Joe Brewster
Dancer: Crystaldawn Bell

Ms. Bell appears courtesy of Robert Moses’ KIN

 ‘Ote’a Vero

Choreographer: Marru Mikaelian
Music: Compilation/Mix of Sefa Drums (Vero, Fano, Whack, Yume)
Alyson Bates, Caitlin Bates, Laura Brizuela, Arctic Noel, Sarah Gonzalez, Aaliyah Magcasi,
Trisha Nguyen, Violette Negrete, Ashley Oei, Svitlana Selska, Ash Williams
Our students perform a traditional style of Tahitian dance called the ‘ote’a.
The theme of this piece is a rainstorm and the rainbow that follows. 

The Moon Won't Use the Door

Choreography: Shana Menaker and the Dancers  
Music: Paul Horn, Thomas Newman, Alexandre Desplat, Henri Mancini, Andy Williams
Based on the poems of Mary Oliver, Pablo Neruda, Basho, and Rumi
Poems spoken by Yun Yu Naing, Julie Collins, and Miyabi Matsushita
Video Editing: Grandpapa Q
Music Editing: Joe Lawrence
Dancers: Darby Bauer, Niko Black, Isabella Hernandez, Sydney Tanji, 
Nathania Schwob, and Yun Yu Naing


Choreographer: Teresa Jankovic
Music: Neglected Space by Imogen Heap
Dancers: Amelia Gonzalez, Emma Manzanares,
Miyabi Matsushita, Ageha Nagatomo, Lizzie Rhineer

The Id

Choreographer: Amythyst Fritzler
Music: Parola by Anna Caragnano & Donato Dozzy,
with additional music by Joe Lawrence
Costumes: Autumn Lawrence
Dancers: Niko Black, Alexia Marie Hernandez, Antionette Nguyen, Ash Williams
Understudy: Miyabi Matsushita
Dance inspired by Freud’s Psychoanalytic Theory, the id is the primitive and instinctual part of the mind that seeks pleasure, the superego tries to uphold our highest values, and the ego has to deal with both to find a way to operate in reality. 

we're only as sick as our secrets

Choreography: Zachary Groenewold in collaboration with the dancers
Music: Bass Boosted HD
Dancers: Isabella Hernandez, Emma Manzanares, Miyabi Matsushita,
Ageha Nagatomo, Yun Yu Naing, Billy Nguyen, Sydney Tanji
Understudy: Ryo Matsushita

Thank you for coming!