Admissions & Records Forms

Admissions and Records Forms are organized by category below and will be in one of two formats:

  • PDF: Forms in PDF format will have specific instructions noted on the form regarding how to submit it. Most will be fillable electronically and may be submitted via email unless otherwise noted. Please be sure to read all instructions carefully.
  • Electronic: Electronic forms can be filled out online and will require a MyCoast log-in for authentication. These forms will provide you with a confirmation email upon submission and once it's been processed.

If you have any questions, please contact us at (714) 432-5072 or

Statement of Residency - Petition to request change of status from non-resident to California resident.

California Nonresident Tuition Exemption Request (AB 540) 

Dual Enrollment Form - For high school students looking to take classes taught either at the Orange Coast College's campus or online.

OCC Student ID Card

Pre-requisite Clearance Request - Please visit the Pre-requisite Clearances page for more information.

Pre-requisite Challenge Form - Petition to challenge a pre-requisite if your pre-requisite clearance is denied or if you believe you possess the knowledge and skills necessary to fulfill the pre-requisite.

Request to Add with Add Code - Add code not working? Request assistance here. Prior to submitting, please see information about Add Permits and Add Codes.

Pass/No Pass Grade Option - Request to change grade mode from letter grade to Pass or No Pass for eligible courses.

Reinstatement Form - Request to be reinstated back into a course that was dropped.

Section Change Slip - Request to move from current class into another section of the same class and of the same length.

Student Petition for Overload - Request to take more than the maximum course load via the Counseling office.

Student Course Withdrawal Form - Submit only if you are unable to drop your course(s) via MyCoast portal and are unable to request the withdrawal via email.

Petition for Course Repetition - Petition to repeat a course for recency or for 4th attempt via the Counseling office.

Course Repeat Form Due to COVID-19 - Request to repeat a course taken during Spring 2020 due to COVID-19.

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Official Transcript Request

Enrollment Verification Request

General Education (GE) Breadth or IGETC Certification

Change of Name Form - Submit with supporting documentation to update or correct your legal name.

Petition to Exclude a Sub-standard Grade - Petition to exclude a sub-standard grade from your OCC GPA if you have taken an equivalent course outside of the Coast District.

Petition for Excused Withdrawal - Request to receive an "EW" in lieu of "F" or "W" due to medical or extenuating circumstances compelling withdrawal.

Academic Renewal - Petition to exclude sub-standard grades via the Counseling office.

Release of Information (FERPA) Form - Authorize a third-party to have access to your educational records and/or conduct business on your behalf.

Duplicate 1098T Request 

Apply to Graduate

General Education (GE) Breadth or IGETC Certification

Duplicate Diploma Request - There is a $20 fee and payment must be included with your request. If mailing the request in and you would like to pay with a credit card, please also complete and submit a Credit Card Payment Authorization Form